The staff at Kinetic Systems Inc., are the experts in sports flooring, with an extensive knowledge and experience in fitness centres, arenas,  gymnasiums, courts and performance dance floors.

If you have a specific performance need for your surface please contact us. We are happy to work with you to ensure your project meets quality and sport standards.

Kinetic Systems is the distributor of Dinoflex rubber surfacing & Junckers hardwood.

Dinoflex is a commercial and residential flooring system. It qualifies as a LEED product with no VOC off gassing and is ASTM tested. Dinoflex in a NON-Vulcanized product, meaning it is not bound and cured with heat, but rather chemically with polyurethanes. This is what makes Dinoflex have incredible durability and  no rubber smell. Tiles are either a square cut glue down system – 10sqft (38” x 38”), or an interlocking loose laid system – 9.5 sqft (37” x 37”). With their high precision laser water jet cutter, Dinoflex is able to create customized logos to incorporate into a variety of flooring environments. Due to the precise nature of the cutter, the tiles always match up perfectly ensuring seams are virtually undetectable.

Applications: front entrance ways, warehouses, gyms, recreational centres, play rooms, ice arenas, fitness centres, floor hockey, running tracks,  weight rooms, and weight lifting platforms.

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Junckers Hardwood

Junckers provides solid wood floors, focusing on quality, performance, flexibility and environmental care.

Junckers was founded in Denmark in the 1930s by Flemming Juncker. Junkers works diligently to ensure environmental sustainability, while providing quality wood products.

The brand is shared between:

  • Floor solutions for Sport and Dance
  • Floor solutions for Commercial and Housing projects
  • Wood care solutions

Some Applications:

  • Dance and performance spaces
  • Retail stores
  • High traffic volume areas   ie. airports
  • Homes
  • Gymnasiums & courts
  • Music/recording rooms
  • Schools
  • Office spaces

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Heathrow Airport

Heathrow Airport